Shouki is the god who fights against plagues.
The story is handed down both in China and in Japan. Bingo Fudoki (record of regional climate and culture of Bingo Province) has the following story.
One night a shabby-looking man asked for a night's lodging at a poor farmer's home. The family gave best possible hospitality to the man. When leaving, the man gave them a hoop made of cogon grass and told them to wear it around waist. Later when plagues became prevalent, the family survived. The program Shouki has its origin from this legend. Susano no Mikoto exiled from Takamagahara (the heaven), goes to China and turns into the god known as Shouki. Shouki fights against Daiekishin (Plague Demon) who tries to take away people's life with plagues. Shouki captures the invisible Plague Demon with his large hoop of cogon grass held in his left hand and vanquishes the Demon with a sword held in his right hand.