HIROSHIMA KAGURA Regular Performances

HIROSHIMA KAGURA Regular Performance 2022
One Program Wednesday night April 6 - December 21

Admission ¥1,000Designated seating

Tickets processing fees apply

Admission (including tax/designated seating) 1,000 yen (handling charges apply)
Note 1: As this is an evening performance, middle school students and younger must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Note 2: Children under three years do not require a separate seat; they can watch from their parents’ lap. Note 3: Performances may be cancelled due to inclement weather.
Doors open at 6 pm (subject to change)  Show begins at 7 pm  Show ends at 7:45 pm (approx.)
Admission tickets will be sold via Ticket Pia until 7 pm on the day of the performance (designated seating only).
Note: Tickets will NOT be sold at the venue; please buy your ti ckets via Ticket Pia in advance.  Note 2: For those who would l ike to purchase wheelchair accessible seating, please buy your tickets via Ticket Pia and exchange them at the venue for wheelchair accessible seating.

How to Purchase Tickets Via Ticket Pia

Note: Seats will be assigned at random; ticket handling charges apply.

Purchasing at 7-11 

Note: If youʼre not sure how to work the multi-copy

Purchase Online

You can also purchase tickets online at the Ticket Pia website or using the Ticket Pia app on your smartphone! Please be aware that you will need to register with Ticket Pia (registration is free).

Please cooperate with the following measures:

Note: Garbage cans will not be available for use at the venue. Please be sure to bring any trash you have home with you.   Note 2: Depending on how crowded the venue is, we may ask you to leave in small groups. Please wait in your seats once the performance ends.

PROGRAMS on Wednesday, June 1 , 2022


There might be a change in schedule.