Kurozuka(The Legend of the Fox-demon)


Mid Heian Period (12th century) beautiful lady Tamamo-no-mae waits on Emperor
Toba (1107-1123). Since she gets affection from the Emperor, a series of misfortunes fall on him.
The Emperor, distressed, has the yin-yang master Abe Yasuchika read the woman's
fortune. Abe sees right through her facade.
The white fox-demon Kinmô-kyûbi (gold fur, nine tails) debauched many kings in
China and flew to Japan.
The fox-demon flees to Adachi-ga-hara, in Mutsu-no-kuni (modern Fukushima
Prefecture), transforms into different persons and annoys the villagers.
The demon once transforms into a beautiful lady, goes to Jûnenji temple where no
women admitted and devours the monk Chinsai.
Finally the demon is caught and vanquished by the imperial court officials Miura-no-suke and Kazusa-no-suke, prominent archers.