During the mid Heian Period a demon appears at Ichijo Modoribashi Bridge in Kyoto every night, and annoys passersby.
Minamoto no Raiko, commander of the Imperial Guard orders Watanabe no Tsuna,
one of his four prominent retainers to vanquish the demon.
Tsuna asks Abe no Seimei, an yin-yang master for some help.From Seimei Tsuna gets Shikigami which in case of emergency will protect Tsuna and goes to Modoribashi.
He happens to see a lady there. She asks him to take her to Gojo-Omiya.
When they set out, Tsuna sees the reflection of the lady's figure on the surface of the river. That is a demon!
The demon throws off its mask and attacks Tsuna. Thanks to the Shikigami given
from Seimei, Tsuna succeeds in cutting off the left hand of the demon.
The demon losing its left hand flees back to Oeyama.