Momiji-gari(Autumn Foliage Viewing)


Once upon a time in the Heian Era, the brave and proud protector of Shinano
(current Nagano Prefecture) Taira-no-Koremochi was charged with dispensing
of a fiercefemale demon who roamed the hills of Mt. Togakushi.
Koremochi ventures into the hills and heads for Mt. Togakushi, surrounded by
beautiful red and gold maple leaves that glitter in the sunlight like tiny flames.
On the road, he meets a beautiful noblewoman holding a maple leaf viewing party
(momiji-gari) with her handmaidens, who invite him to join them.
Koremochi accepts their invitation, and at their behest, drinks himself into a deep
The noblewoman sees her chance and reverts back into her true form as a demon and is about to devour Koremochi when the god Hachiman appears and drives the demon away, leaving Koremochi with a sacred sword to defeat the demon with. Koremochi
faces the demon in battle and wins, saving Shinano.