There lived a bunch of demons in Mt. Oye. Ibaragi-doji, henchman of Shutendoji changes himself to a city-folk and annoys people at Modoribashi Bridge every night. A lord in Kyoto, Minamoto-no-Raiko was dispatched by Emperor to banish the demons. Watanabe-no-Tsuna under Raiko goes to Modoribashi.
Ibaragi-doji this time changes himself to a woman. Umbrella vendor, Zenbei happens to walk by.
The woman approaches Zenbei telling she will buy one, and all of a sudden reveals herself, Demon!!
Watanabe-no-Tsuna walks by, the demon changes herself again back to a woman. She asks Tsuna to take her to Gojo Street in Kyoto. When they start to walk, the reflection of the woman on the river shows it is Demon!! The demon attacks Tsuna, he falls down, when Sakata-no -Kintoki backs Tsuna up with a magic wand with paper streamers from Iwashimizu Shrine. They slash off the demon's left arm, the demon flees to north sky, the direction of Mt. Oye.