During middle Heian Period Watanabe no Tsuna, retainer of Minamoto no Yorimitsu cut off the left arm of demon Ibaragidoji that had been annoying local people.
Tsuna was told by a sorcerer not to see anybody for seven days nor show the cut-off-arm. He confined himself at his house near Rashomon Gate.
Shutendoji, demon chief felt sorry for his henchman, Ibaragidoji, and went to Tsuna's house to get the arm back.
He had killed Tsuna's nanny, Shiratae and disguised himself as the nanny, and tried
to see Tsuna. Tsuna did not appear but Shutendoji with skillful words finally faced up to Tsuna, took the arm back and put it on Ibaragidoji' s body.
Tsuna understood the situation and tried to vanquish them, but with their sorcery he was almost killed. At this moment Tsuna's lord, Minamoto no Yorimitsu dashed to
rescue Tsuna thanks to a sign from God.
Shutendoji and Ibaragidoji, however using sorcery fled back to their home,