Takiyasha hime


Story based on a historical event which took place in Japan1000 yeas ago.
Takiyasha hime

About 1000 years ago Japanese capital was Kyoto. Aristocrats had political power, and they had extravagant life in Kyoto, while people in rural areas had to lead poverty-stricken life.

A worrier with the name of Taira no Masakdo felt that was not right and tried to establish a new land in the eastern part of the country. He was killed and his rebellion quashed by the Imperial army.

Kagura Takiyasha hime is a story that Masakado' s daughter tries to avenge his father by striking down the Imperial army.

  1. Takiyasha hime is a week helpless woman, and she prays at Shinto Shrine asking the deity for giving her mystic force(sorcery).
  2. After she was granted the knowledge of sorcery from the deity, she heads down to the eastern province and gathers many followers.
  3. Mitsukuni, commander of the Imperial army sets out to the east to defeat Takiyasha hime.
  4. Using her newly acquired sorcery, Takiyasha hime assaults the brave warrior Mitsukuni. In the end, despite her magic, she is defeated just as her father was.