This is a kagura performance based off the well-known Japanese legend "Ōkuni-
Nushi-no-Mikoto" about a great and powerful god by the same name.
Ōkuni-Nushi-no-Mikoto had many brothers collectively called the Yasogami
(literally "the eighty gods"). Together, they ventured to Inaba (present day Shimane)
to seek the hand of a fair and beautiful woman named Yagami-hime. However, of all the brothers, Yagami-hime fell in love with the youngest brother, the kind and gentle Ōkuni-Nushi-no-Mikoto.
His brothers, angered that she chose him over them, try to kill Ōkuni-Nushi-no-
Mikoto and steal his bride-to-be.
Ōkuni-Nushi-no-Mikoto manages to escape his brothers by fleeing to the underworld, known as Ne-no-Kuni. There, he meets with Susanoo-no-Mikoto, one of the most
powerful gods in all of Japan, who bestows upon him the sword Ikutachi, and with it, he is able to defeat his brothers and marry Yagami-hime.
Ōkuni-Nushi-no-Mikoto is enshrined at the Izumo Shrine in Shimane, and is now
known as the god of matchmaking and love.