Ajari Yukei, a wandering monk from Nachi, travels with a mountain guide on a
religious pilgrimage. As the sunsets and the day grows late, they find themselves
in the Shimotsuke Province in a small village.
The two ask one of the local villagers if they might stay the night, but the villager
refuses, and Yukei and his guide are left no choice but to spend the night outside.
While they are asleep, they two are paralyzed by a strange power.
When they question the villagers about it,they come to find that it was the work of a
fox demon which has been terrorizing the village.
Yukei and his guide are then attacked by the demon but, while Yukei manages to
flee, the mountain guide is not so lucky and falls prey to the demon.
It is not until two skilled archers, Miura-no-suke and Kazusa-no-suke, appear on the
scene that the fierce fox demon is finally defeated.